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Really stuck for an artwork idea talking about greed and decadence Im looking at animals which are poached for materials for human luxury Snake skin for bags tortoises for chinese medicine etc Anyone have any ideas Below is a cool one i just found doing a quick google search I like the idea of using gold

Potassium Cyanide Yahoo Answers

 · It can be used in gold mining to extract the metal from ores although sodium cyanide is more commonly used It is often used by entomologists as a killing agent in collecting jars as most insects succumb within seconds minimizing damage of even the most fragile types KCN was occasionally used as a rat poison until the 1970s

The use of potassium Yahoo Answers

 · Potassium chlorate is used to kill weeds It is also used in safety matches Toughened glass stronger than ordinary glass is made using potassium nitrate Two compounds of potassium are used as inks and dyes Potassium cyanide is used in gold mining

Why does gold work on treating eye styes Yahoo Answers

 · My 82 year old friend recently had a stye in her left eyelid She had used a prescription ointment in it for several days with little result A neighbor told her about using a gold wedding ring warmed by rubbing on a 100 cotton cloth and then placing the ring on her closed eyelid and moving the ring from the nose to the outside of her face

What are the uses of catalysts in the home Yahoo Answers

 · The description is commonly used in the United Kingdom where other washing detergents are described as non biological The terms are sometimes abbreviated to bio and non bio The purposes of the enzymes is to break down protein starches and fat that may be found in dirt and stains upon clothing to be laundered for example food stains

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With the recent run up in gold prices I ve been getting gold mining stock offers daily I m attempting to do some research to determine if any of them are actually viable or if they are some kind of stock scheme As a result I am looking at securities filings for these companies but I am stymied because I do not know what assay amounts are

what is green chemistry Yahoo Answers

 · Catalysts are used in small amounts and can carry out a single reaction many times They are preferable to stoichiometric reagents which are used in excess and work only once 6 Avoid chemical derivatives Avoid using blocking or protecting groups or any temporary modifications if

How is microorganisms used in the Yahoo Answers

 · The use of acidiphilic chemolithotrophic iron and sulfur oxidizing microbes in processes to recover metals from certain types of copper uranium and gold bearing minerals or mineral concentrates is now well established During these processes insoluble metal sulfides are oxidized to soluble metal sulfates

what kind of flowers grow near large amounts of gold

 · The gold in the stream is known as placer gold Its source is the mother load Gold can also get trapped in the mud which piles up around river bends Large hoses wash the mud away exposing the gold In the Amazon jungle the metal mercury is used to extract the gold The mud is rinsed over pans of liquid mercury Gold will dissolve in mercury

should i buy gold for investments Yahoo Answers

 · Gold bugs believe or hope that one day gold s importance will return as the of paper money gets out of control and before we end in a hyper inflationary fiat money collapse The US Federal Reserve ceased publishing M3 data on 23 March 2006 with the last published data indicating a year on year growth rate of 8 23


 · Gold mining ceased in Victoria not because there was no more gold but in part because of the depth and cost of pumping The First World War also drained Australia of the labour needed to work the mines but worse the prohibition on the export of gold from Australia in 1915 the abolition of the gold standard throughout the Empire saw many

Is there gold on Mars Yahoo Answers

 · Yes in probably about the same proportion you d find on earth Since bith planets were formed anout the same time However a collision between earth and another smaller planet 4 billion years ago churned up the entire surface and moved gold snd a number of rare earth elements much closer to the surface

how is monera important to humans Yahoo Answers

 · Microbial mining which is the bacteria and other microorganisms are cultured in container and then used to bring these processes e g copper extraction Genetic engineering is the manipulation of genes It is also called recombinant DNA technology

The Newest Gold Mining Tool Bacteria Advancing Mining

Accelerating Science Advancing Mining Exploration The Newest Gold Mining Tool Bacteria By Chris Calam 01 23 2018 Geologists employ a variety of geophysical methods to measure variations in the physical properties of rocks e g density magnetism electrical conductivity natural radioactivity etc that may indicate a gold deposit

What is cyanide normally used for Yahoo Answers

 · Gold can also be associated with arsenopyrite FeAsS which is similar to iron pyrite fool s gold wherein half of the sulfur atoms are replaced by arsenic Au containing arsenopyrite ores are similarly reactive toward cyanide Fishing Cyanides are illegally used to capture live fish near coral reefs for the aquarium and seafood markets

Mining Bacteria with Midas touch for efficient gold

 · Mining Bacteria with Midas touch for efficient gold processing Date April 28 2017 Source University of Adelaide Summary Special nugget producing bacteria may hold the key to

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gold mining Yahoo Answers

 · Advantages Economic gain The gold mined not only provides jobs but for the stockholders of the mining company it creates significant wealth Many companies also benefit by selling services and equipment to the mines Gold has limited industrial use but is used

bacteria used in gold mining Yahoo Answers

 · First you can get the bacteria used for bioleaching gold ores anywhere they are ubiquous The most important player in the bioleaching process is Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans It is a chemoautotrophic acidophile meaning that it obtains its energy from inorganic sources and fixes its own carbon while growing in an acidic medium

Swab vs loop for preparing lwn of Yahoo Answers

 · Sometimes you use loop and sometimes you use swab for preparing a lawn of bacteria on agar plate but why is it more advisable to use a swab Get answers by asking now Ask question 100 Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today Join Do any non human primates find value in gold or other precious metals

positive and negative effects of mining in Yahoo Answers

 · 2 Pollution from the chemical reagents which are used in the recovery of metals minerals e g cyanide used in the recovery of gold on gold mines What the Greens don t tell you is that even if the cyanide gets outside the area where it is meant to be used it quickly breaks down to harmless chemicals so that any environmental damage is minimal

what is treatment and refining charges with regards to Mining

 · Simpy very take as example a gold mine Quite often the gold is in a hard rick and with less than a gram of gold in a tonne of ore So the treatment and refining are the costs to crush the rock and the separare the gold The gold then is commercialy pure so all you need to do is melt it and cast it into gold bars called ingots in this caes

How is gold formed in nature Yahoo Answers

 · To use gold as an example a granite intrusion that is cooling a crystallizing may contain a tiny amount of gold All through the cooling melt elements are coming together to make crystals but none of the gold is yet As the amount of liquid decreases the relative amount of the gold in it goes up so this is the first step in concentration

Bacteria produce gold by digesting toxic metals

Gold enters the bacteria the same way as copper Copper is a vital trace element for C metallidurans however it is toxic in large quantities Copper is a vital trace element for C metallidurans

what is biosurfactants Yahoo Answers

 · Biosurfactants are surface active substances synthesised by living cells They have the properties of reducing surface tension stabilising emulsions promoting foaming and are generally non toxic and biodegradable

Why is Fluorite used in Toothpaste Yahoo Answers

 · Flouride usually sodium flouride calcium flouride and sodium monoflourophosphate helps to prevent tooth decay in the following ways it promotes the remineralization of a tooth basically filling in the holes at a microscopic level

What s the machine gold miners use to sort Yahoo Answers

 · You are probably talking about a sluice box which was a long rectangular box fitted with bars or riffles that trapped the heavier gold There is a whole range of Equipment used to concentrate ores in modern alluvial mining including shaking tables jigs and dense media separators but the sluice box is the most well known traditional method

What are positive and negative effects of mining Yahoo

 · 2 Pollution from the chemical reagents which are used in the recovery of metals minerals e g cyanide used in the recovery of gold on gold mines What the Greens don t tell you is that even if the cyanide gets outside the area where it is meant to be used it quickly decomposes to harmless chemicals so that any environmental damage is minimal

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