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Author Wu Gongpeng Chen Wei He Yan Source Powder technology 2020 v 364 pp 251 263 ISSN 0032 5910 Subject desulfurization etc fluidized beds hydrodynamics mass transfer mathematical models powders Show all 6 Subjects Abstract Poor gas–solid flow structure is one of the primary factors restricting desulfurization efficiency in dry process

Effect of Humidification Water on Semi Dry Flue Gas

Figure 7 Temperature along the scrubber centreline under different humidification water ratio 4 Conclusion The effect of humidification water parameters ratio of humidification water to total water location of humidification water on semi dry flue gas desulfurization removal efficiency has been experimentally investigated

Eulerian–Eulerian Numerical Study of the Flue Gas

experimentally tested a new semidry desulfurization process in which the powder−particle spouted bed PPSB was used Wu et al 15 investigated the influence exerted by the pore size distribution of lime on the reactivity for the removal of SO

Hexagonal boron nitride A metal free catalyst for deep

Hexagonal boron nitride was employed as a metal free catalyst in oxidative desulfurization of fuel with H 2 O 2 as the oxidant Due to the boron radicals the H 2 O 2 is readily activated achieving ultra deep desulfurization Download Download high res image 323KB Download Download full size image

Application of recovered magnesium hydroxide from a flue

article osti 20082293 title Application of recovered magnesium hydroxide from a flue gas desulfurization system for wastewater treatment author Bishop P L and Wu Q and Keener T and Zhuang L A and Gurusamy R and Pehkonen S abstractNote Magnesium hydroxide reclaimed from the flue gas desulfurization system FGD at the Zimmer Power Plant Cincinnati Ohio is a

Recovery of magnesium sulfate through crystallization in

L Peng H Dai Y Wu Y Peng X Lu A comprehensive review of phosphorus recovery from wastewater by crystallization processes Chemosphere 197 2018 768–781 J J Jiang Measurement of Crystallization Metastable Zone and Study on Particle Size Control of Ammonium Perchlorate Nanjing University of Science and Technology 2013

Refining Desulfurization Global Advanced Technologies LLC

Desulfurization GAT SM Refineries GAT SM with its partners and affiliates offer the most revolutionary and cost effective and efficient refinery technologies on the market This includes a no heat or pressure JDP SM desulfurization process modular refineries and a Hydro Fuel Refinery Conversion System Global Advanced Technologies SM LLC GAT SM has rights to a new advanced

Desulfurization and Deashing of Hazro Coal via a Flotation

 · In this study desulfurization and deashing of Hazro coal via a flotation method were studied For this purpose experimental studies were conducted on the coal sample with ash sulfur volatile matter and fixed carbon contents of 24 77 6 90 35 18 and 38 06 respectively and two groups of flotation experiments were made The effects of pH collector amount and various frothers

Eulerian–Eulerian Numerical Study of the Flue Gas

In order to develop a new type of semi dry FGD equipment powder particle spouted bed PPSB was applied to a low temperature desulfurization process Fine powder slurries of SO2 sorbent were

Numerical simulation of semi dry flue gas desulfurization

The desulfurization efficiency is the highest when the water content is 40 kg H 2 O kg dry sorbent and is close to the experimental value The optimum slurry water content for desulfurization process in powder particle spouted bed was obtained by numerical simulation which was 40 kg H

AD Powder in Steel Making

Wu M Li T Li H Fan H Mi J 2017b Desulfurization of hot coal gas over regenerable low cost Fe 2 O 3 mesoporous Al 2 O 3 prepared by the sol gel method Energy Fuel

Graphene Analogue Hexagonal BN Supported with Tungsten

Graphene analogue hexagonal boron nitride G h BN as a novel few layer material was prepared and used as a support to coat with tungsten based ionic liquid IL in oxidative desulfurization Designed G h BN supported with tungsten based IL IL G h BN heterogeneous catalyst was characterized by atomic force microscopy scanning electron microscopy energy dispersive X ray spectroscopy

Removal of SO2 in Semi Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization

Semi dry flue gas desulfurization was investigated with several kinds of SO 2 sorbents such as slaked lime limestone Mg OH 2 and concrete pile sludge in a powder particle spouted bed Slurry droplets including sorbent fine particles were fed to a spouted bed of coarse inert particles spouted with hot gas containing SO 2 SO 2 removal efficiency was strongly affected by the approach to

natural gypsum powder machine with vertical mill

Gypsum Powder Production Line Posteezy vertical mill for gypsum The advantages of the gypsum powder vertical mill Gypsum powder has high value in market and is widely used in many areas Guilin Hong Cheng company which is an outstanding enterprise in the milling industry launches a type of gypsum powder vertical mill with superior performance

Oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene with

The objective of the research is to develop a new method for removal of organic sulfur in liquid fuels Cobalt and copper salen salen N N bis salicylidene ethylenediamine complexes were simultaneously encapsulated in zeolite NaY by using the flexible ligand method and employed as catalysts in the oxidation of dibenzothiophene DBT with molecular oxygen as the oxidant

Fabrication of oxygen defective tungsten oxide nanorods

 · Owing to the increasingly serious environmental issues caused by the sulfur burnt in fuel desulfurization has become an important topic In this work an amphiphilic oxygen defective tungsten oxide was synthesized by a colloidal chemistry method The amphiphilic property and oxygen defects were well characterized and the structure of the oxygen defective tungsten oxide catalyst was

Desulfurization of CaO–Al2O3–SiO2–TiO2 Slag System

Desulfurization of CaO–Al2O3–SiO2–TiO2 Slag System Kai DONG 1 Long WU 2 Wen juan LIU3 and Rong ZHU4 1 School of Mechanical Engineering University of Science and Technology Beijing 30 College Road Haidian District Beijing 100083 China 2 Central Research Institute of Building and Construction MCC Group Co Ltd 33 W Tucheng Road

Jianxiang Wu s research works Shanghai University of

Jianxiang Wu s 24 research works with 294 citations and 971 reads including Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of Ni B ZIF 8 as electrode materials for supercapacitors

AD Powder in Steel Making

AD powder is a new ferroalloy product that summarizes the development of high functional steel and environmentally friendly green refining during the transformation and development of the steel industry It can be used as a deoxidizer to remove free oxygen in steel during initial steelmaking and it can be masked by slag immediately Blocks air on liquid surface

Reactive adsorption desulfurization of thiophene over NiMo

Desulfurization research should also take into consideration of the fuel cell fuel processing needs which will have a more stringent requirement on desulfurization e g 32 and SO42

Eulerian–Eulerian Numerical Study of the Flue Gas

Xu et al experimentally tested a new semidry desulfurization process in which the powder–particle spouted bed PPSB was used Wu et al investigated the influence exerted by the pore size distribution of lime on the reactivity for the removal of SO 2 in the presence of

A template free solvent mediated synthesis of high surface

A template free solvent mediated synthesis of high surface area boron nitride nanosheets for aerobic oxidative desulfurization† Peiwen Wu‡ a Wenshuai Zhu‡ bc Yanhong Chao bc Jinshui Zhang c Pengfei Zhang c Huiyuan Zhu c Changfeng Li a Zhigang Chen b Huaming Li d and Sheng Dai c a School of Energy and Power Engineering Jiangsu University Zhenjiang 212013 China b School

Model for flue gas desulfurization in a circulating dry

A simple model was developed to describe the absorption of SO2 in a circulating dry scrubbing CDS process which is a semidry lime based flue gas desulfurization FGD process that utilizes a

Adsorptive desulfurization of diesel using activated

Combustion of fossil fuels gives rise to sulfur oxides which are harmful to the environment Adsorptive desulfurization ADS of diesel was conducted using sewage sludge activated with H2O2 as the oxidizing agent A full 22 central composite response surface design was employed to determine optimum conditions for the production of activated sewage sludge ASS

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