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Named by Frederick Leslie Ransome and Charles Palache in 1895 in honor of geologist Andrew Cowper Lawson July 25 1861 Anstruther Scotland San


Lawsonite CaAl2Si2O7 OH 2 H2O Named in 1895 in honor of geologist Andrew Cowper Lawson geologist with the Canadian Geological Survey and for

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Lawsonite is a hydrous calcium aluminium sorosilicate mineral with formula CaAl2Si2O7 OH 2·H2O Lawsonite crystallizes in the orthorhombic system in

Lawsonite CaAl2Si2O7 OH 2 ² H2O Handbook of Mineralogy

Lawsonite 0 03Ti0 02 § 1 99Si2 02O7 OH 1 92 ² H2O 2 Santa Clara Cuba Panoche Pass San Benito Co in the Pacheco Pass area Santa Clara Co

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Lawsonite is a typical mineral of the glaucophane schist facies associated with Generally located on the Tiburon Peninsula in San Francisco Bay California

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